Sunday, October 5, 2008

DJ Tober's Rain of Ruin for September 30, 2008

Here's my dj set for KAOS radio in Midian City from last Tuesday. It's an entire set of only cover songs, and the recording is about 2 hours and 15 minutes long. Songlist is below. Download link is in the post title or here.

Artist: Title (Original Artist)
1. Harry Roche Constellation: Pinball Wizard (The Who)
2. KAOS Promo
3. Sex Pistols: Johnny B. Goode/Road Runner (Chuck Berry/The Modern Lovers)
4. Mudhoney: Hate the Police (The Dicks)
5. R.E.M: First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen)
6. Tom Waits: The Return of Jackie and Judy (Ramones)
7. Ramones: I Don't Want to Grow Up (Tom Waits)
8. Dead Kennedys: I Fought the Law (Sonny Curtis & The Crickets, arguably made famous by The Clash)
9. Suicide: 96 Tears (? and The Mysterions)
10. Animal Collective: I'm on a Plain (Nirvana)
11. Pixies: In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song) (David Lynch, from the film Eraserhead)
12. Black Flag: Louie Louie (Richard Berry, made famous by The Kingsmen)
13. Black Flag: Louie Louie (Richard Berry, made famous by The Kingsmen)
14. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: All Tomorrow's Parties (The Velvet Underground)
15. Bauhaus: Third Uncle (Brian Eno)
16. Dinosaur Jr.: Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
17. Lords of Acid: Lady Marmalade (Labelle)
18. Rammstein: Stripped (Depeche Mode)
19. KAOS Promo
20. Nirvana: The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie)
21. Ministry: Radar Love (Golden Earring)
22. Placebo: Running up That Hill (Kate Bush)
23. Tricky: The Lovecats (The Cure)
24. Lovage: Sex (I'm a) (Berlin)
25. Senor Coconut: Showroom Dummies (Kraftwerk)
26. Buck 65: Singapore (Tom Waits)
27. Joy Division: Sister Ray (The Velvet Underground)
28. 1000 Homo DJs: Supernaut (Black Sabbath)
29. Soil: Black Betty (Traditional, first recorded by the blues artist Ledbelly)
30. Bauhaus: Telegram Sam (T-Rex)
31. The 145's: That Ain't No Rock (originally titled "409" by The Beach Boys)
32. Scratch Massive: Three Imaginary Boys (The Cure)
33. Angry Samoans: Time Has Come Today (The Chambers Brothers)
34. The Fall: White Lightning (George Jones)
35. Chicks on Speed: Warm Leatherette (The Normal)
36. Coil: Tainted Love (Gloria Jones, also made famous by Soft Cell)
37. Gustavo Santolalla (with Benicio DelToro): Shake Rattle and Roll (Big Joe Turner)
38. Rasputina: Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
39. Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules: Mad World (Tears For Fears)