Friday, September 28, 2007

Midian City Tober's Diary #21

Tober's diary is composed in a small, hardbound book that she keeps with her.

Rith & Lindsay
Rith (L) and Lindsay (R) unmasked

Lindsay called me this morning and said "Rith wants to meet with you today. What's it going to be? Are you staying with the Pack or are you coming to us?" I told her I was coming to the Catwalkers. Chai, who is the second in command of the Catwalkers, contacted me and gave me a meeting place and time. I killed time by leaving the Pack den and wandering around on rooftops to help work out my nervousness. When it got close to the meeting time, I went near the Bridge to Nowhere, which was our meeting spot.

I slowly approached the group, which was Rith, Chai, and one other neko I didn't know, and stood rather far away from them. Chai called out to me and assured me it was ok and to come, so I did. I hadn't had direct contact with Rith up until now. I found her friendly and warm, and kind of motherly. The other neko who was there that I didn't know was also being brought into the Catwalker fold. Without much ceremony, we were made "Kittens", and that was that. I now had a new family, and was out of the Pack. Chai even bought us sushi to celebrate.

Shortly after that, I met up with Lindsay again to tell her how it went and also to give her the update on Shem. She told me that this was something to keep an eye on, and I told her I would probably still be able to do that for a little bit before the Pack realizes that I'm no longer with them.

Lindsay and I also just talked for a little bit. She and I have seemed to develop a rapport, which I would have never guessed would happen given the circumstances in which I met her. I finally felt comfortable enough to ask her why she wears a mask, and she told me a little history about her life. It turns out that she wears the mask to help dampen the scent of everything. She was modified to have a hyper-sensitive sense of smell, amongst other things, and the mask was usually a necessity in the sensory overload that is Midian. However, for the first time, I got her to take her mask off for me. I had a hunch she was beautiful, judging by just her eyes, which was all I could see until now, and I was right. She's model-beautiful...something I wouldn't have expected given the fact that she was basically "engineered" to be a living weapon.

While she had her mask off, we compared our sense of smell. Not only can she smell more, but she can basically "pick apart" smells and sense their individual components. For example, where I would smell just garbage, she would smell decaying fish, moldy noodles, etc. It's pretty amazing. And it makes me feel very...ordinary. Which, I guess I am, compared to many of the citizens of Midian. But, ordinary or not, I'm getting by and finally starting to get ahead here, so I guess I'm doing something right.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Midian City Tober's Diary #20

Tober's diary is composed in a small, hardbound book that she keeps with her.

Yesterday I suspected my time with The Pack was coming to a close, and today I know for certain it is. I came into the den yesterday afternoon to find Angela and a couple of others working on a young girl around my age, named Shem. I wasn't told about this at all, and probably wouldn't have heard about it unless I happened to walk into the med room at that time. Shem is a clone. Angela is using her for something, but I don't know what, and Angela wasn't exactly being forthcoming with me. I think she's stopped trusting me. From what I can gather, Shem is to be used for some kind of dangerous mission, and I have a hunch as to what that might be.

I met up with Lindsay today to tell her what was going on, and she told me that Rith, the Catwalker Matron, would be calling me into the fold within a day or two. I feel like I'm standing at a crossroads right now. I've put my trust in the Catwalkers, and hopefully they won't be just calling me in to get rid of me, having worn out my usefulness. I know I keep repeating this in many of my entries, but I really hope I made the right choice. I'll find out soon enough.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Midian City Tober's Diary #19

Tober's diary is composed in a small, hardbound book that she keeps with her.

This is really difficult for me to write about, but it's important. Today, I found out that my friend Reinhardt has been killed. This girl, Riley, who I believe was once with Reinhardt, is the one who told me.

Reinhardt and I haven't been quite so close lately; I've been busy with The Pack and The Catwalkers, and Reinhardt became a member of the Benelli family. They are some kind of mafia, and I'm pretty sure they hired him as muscle. So, we began moving in separate circles. We still kept in touch, but not as often as before.

According to Riley, he was kidnapped by a group of the Mechs (mechanically/cybernetically augmented people) and had his cybernetics forcibly removed while conscious. Afterwards, he snapped and went on a rampage, nearly killing Solrana, the bartender of the Twilight Zone. He also went to the Medical Center later and continued his spree of violence until someone put a bullet in his head. Nobody knows why he went crazy, and I have no idea why the Mechs did what they did to him. It all seems so senseless, like a lot of things here.

There is, however, a silver lining to this very dark cloud. According to Riley, Reinhardt left millions of credits in an account in my name. It's enough money to last me for the rest of my life, probably. Now, the question I stay here, or do I make my break, buy myself a new identity and go somewhere nobody will know me? I don't know. All of this is a lot for me to deal with right now. I really have to think it over.

The Softer Side of Reinhardt
R.I.P. Reinhardt Stenvaag

Friday, September 7, 2007

Midian City Tober's Diary #18

Tober's diary is composed in a small, hardbound book that she keeps with her.

I had a couple of somewhat harrowing experiences with the Pack recently, and unsurprisingly, they both involved Dethis getting into trouble. The first thing was, she got into trouble for god knows what, and Angela chained her up to a bunk in the den. Well, Angela, Dita and I were down in the den too when all of a sudden we hear a loud noise coming from the door on the surface. We open the door and spring out, and there's two people - a man and a woman - trying to cut open the door with an acetylene torch to get into the den to get to Dethis. It was fucking ridiculous. They claimed that they were only trying to make sure that she was safe because Angela had "kidnapped" her, which is not exactly true. Eventually, we got them to leave, but it was pretty scary, considering that I only have my throwing knives for weapons. Plus, I'm a medic, not a soldier...but sometimes I have to do what's needed, just to keep up my image as a loyal Pack member.

Then, a few days later, Dethis somehow gets herself caught and beaten by Mari of the Catwalkers. Mari hung her, unconscious and bloody, by her tail on the second story of some ruins over in the area we call "Apocalypse". Mari just sat there on a lawn chair next to Dethis, not saying a word as several of us Pack members surrounded the area below. This was a difficult situation for me...I don't think Mari knows that I'm working undercover, and she's a very dangerous neko. Aside from that, I didn't want to fight her, but I didn't want to appear a coward in front of the Pack either. Mari wouldn't respond to us when we called out to her...she was waiting for us to make our move. It seemed like this tense situation was going to go on forever until Mari finally yawned (I assume out of boredom), kicked Dethis onto the ground, and then leaped away. After that, we had to carry Dethis back to the Pack den, and of course I had to treat her. She was really beaten up and shot too. I ended up having to improvise some surgery on her to stop internal bleeding. I'm not a doctor by any means...I don't know how I did it. It was the worst thing I think I've ever had to do to someone else. Once she was all sewn up and stabilized, I broke down crying as I was cleaning myself up by the sink. I quickly pulled myself back together though, just in case someone else saw me.

I don't know how much longer I can keep this up, to be honest. I do like my friends in the Pack, and I have been loyal to them. I have also been loyal to the Catwalkers, and still am...but something has to give. Every day I question my decision to do this mission, and every day it becomes more dangerous for me to be here.

The Prettiest Shadow
Faith and Tober coming to Dethis' rescue in Apocalypse

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Monthiversary!

Tobie & Chloe Cuddling

Yup, it's that time again! Chloe and I have been together for 4 whole months today. I know I couldn't be happier, and it's pretty safe to say that Chloe feels the same way too. I love my sweet, smart and beautiful kitty =3

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blogger vs. Wordpress

Hello, avid reader and casual passerby! I'm currently in a quandary. Almost everyone I know raves about Wordpress, and two people who are close to me, Jez and Chloe, both recently jumped from Blogger to Wordpress. Following their (and many others) cue, I did the same thing, and made a blog on Wordpress. Here's where you can find it:

As you can see, it imported just about everything from this blog. Now, the issue I'm having is that I don't really find Wordpress any easier to use or customize than fact, quite the opposite. I'm not happy with any of the templates available in Wordpress, and the customizing of them seems very limited and reliant on CSS, which I haven't got a clue about. Really, all I want to do is write my little diaries, you know?

So, now's your chance to pipe in. If you're a Wordpress user, and especially if you've gone from Blogger to Wordpress, please tell me what's so great about it, because right now, I'm just not getting it.

I was going to move my blog there permanently, but now that's probably not going to happen, unless someone can change my mind. So please, help a poor little neko out. I want to hear your opinions. Thanks!