Thursday, April 26, 2007

A new dawn, a new day

Well, as we're all acutely aware, the latest version of SL was released yesterday (v Amazingly, this version seems to be running better on my work computer than the last version, though not without its bugs of course. (My work computer is an Apple G5, dual 1.8ghz, 2GB ram, ATI Radeon 9600 XT w/ 128mb ram.) Some of the bugs I've experienced seem to be pretty common: friends list issues (hippos??), lag, slow-rezzing textures, and surprisingly...the reappearance of the rainbow noise texture bug. Yes, I have the "open GL vertex buffer" option deselected, and it's still there. I'll file a bug report about that the next time i'm in-world on my work computer.

Amazingly though, I was able to go to Midian City last night without too many problems once everything rezzed completely, which took a while. However, the lag did make me splat against the sides of buildings as I was trying to leap from rooftop to rooftop =P

I haven't had the chance to install and run the new client on my home computer yet, but I'm expecting it to run much better than my work computer, since it always does. It's a much newer and beefier system than my work mac. (My home computer is an Acer motherboard-based PC running XP and also now Ubuntu. It has an AMD64 3500+ processor, 2gb ddr ram, and a Nvidia G-Force 7950GT w/ 512mb ram) I'd like to try installing SL in both XP and Ubuntu to see which one runs better, but I first need to get the drivers for my video card for Linux before I can do that. I know next to nothing about Linux, so that may take a while =P


CB said...

just tell me if you need help with that Tobie, you know I'm quite the Ubuntu hacker. installing Nvidia drivers is quite trivial, I could probably guide you step by step. there's also scripts that can do the job for you.


October Hush said...

Oh, I've already gotten the nvidia drivers installed and SL running in Ubuntu. One of my rl friends already told me how to do it. Thanks for the offer, though!