Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DJ Tober's Rain of Ruin, September 9, 2008

Hi everyone! I've decided to post my Midian City DJ sets online. Kind of like a podcast, but manual. Here's the tracklist for this set:

Artist: Track Name
1. Woven Hand: Horsetail
2. Beck: Rowboat
3. Myssouri: Muscle Car on a Dead End Road
4. Alejandro Escovedo: Sex Beat (cover of The Gun Club)
5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Stagger Lee
6. Angels of Light: Star Chaser
7. Elliot Smith: Needle in the Hay
8. Neil Young: The Needle and the Damage Done
9. The Black Heart Procession: The Letter
10. Trailer Bride: Ghost on the Highway
12. Animal Collective: Happy Singing Band
13. Tom Waits: Bottom of the World
14. A Silver Mt. Zion: 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
15. 16 Horsepower: Shametown
16. Elliott Brood: Twill
17. Blackgrass: Station 18
18. Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots: River Forktine Tippecanoe
19. Old 97's: Four Leaf Clover (Featuring X)
20. Micah P. Hinson: You Will Find Me
21. Djali Zwan: Number of the Beast (cover of Iron Maiden)
22. Hrsta: Holiday
23. Elliott Brood: Write it All Down for You
24. The Handsome Family: Passenger Pigeons

Download link is here or in this post's title. The recording is a little over two hours long. Enjoy!


Myca Ling said...

I dug that set lots, Tober. It was like you picked from my own faves.

October Hush said...

Thanks, Myca! I'm glad you enjoyed it =)