Friday, August 24, 2007

Come see my photos at the Cannery Gallery!

October, Jezebella & Ashe

In another first, I will be showing several SL photos in-world at the Cannery Gallery, starting next week. The opening is on Wednesday, August 29th at 3pm SLT, and I will be there, of course.

More info: SLart at the Cannery (official website)


vint falken said...

Héhé. =)

And God, that picture looks awesome. *drewls on the shadow work*

Ginseng Kyong said...

Sounds like a fun event.. That is today!!! To bad I am still at work :( at 3 pm
This is definetly an east coast event.
..hope you post some pictures of the event.

vint falken said...

Ginseng, the gallery and Tobie's works are there still for a while. And nah, it's not east coast. It's European! ;)