Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is special only to people who are in love...otherwise it's usually hated. Depending on my relationship status, I fall into either category. Guess which one I fall in this year? ;-)

In case you were wondering, here's the Valentine's Day card I sent to Chloe:

Yes, it's Charles Darwin. Yes, I'm a dork.

And for those of you who are significant otherless this Valentine's Day, don't fret...there's always next year!


Ginseng Kyong said...

hahah.. such a cute card

Wolf Hartnell said...

yay! for dorkism :)

Cute :)

Chloe Streeter said...

Oooh, does this mean I can expect a copy of On the Origin of Species for Valentine's Day?

*crosses her fingers*

October Hush said...


Why do you always have to ruin the surprise?

Seraphine said...

But everyone loves dorks!
Don't they?
I do.

theshadow said...

Oddly in my nearly 30 years I've never been in a relationship on Valentine's day... One way or another I've always missed out.

That said I did get my first Valentine ever last year from my Ex even though she broke up with me a couple weeks before Valentine's day...

& you guys are sooo cute together ^_^

Seraphine said...

I don't think everyone not in a relationship 'hates' Valentine's Day. I remember in gradeschool, our class exchanged cards, and I was worried I wouldn't get any. It's funny how stupid things are important at that age.

October Hush said...

True, Sera...and I know a lot of people who are in relationships that still hate Valentine's Day anyway.