Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Midian City Tober's Diary #28

Tober's diary is composed in a small, hardbound book that she keeps with her.

Duke has been missing for a few weeks now. Nobody seems to know where he's gone or if he'll be back at all. I guess I really shouldn't let myself get very close to anyone here because one day they just might be gone. Left...dead...whatever. I don't even know how to really feel about it anymore, either. I just feel kind of blank.

And then there's Anna...I want to trust her, but it's like there's a barrier between us that won't let that happen. She's elusive, difficult to read, and doesn't like to speak much about her past or her present. It's obvious she has something to hide; something tragic, and I have no idea what it is.

In better news, I've been promoted! I'm now the "Stitcher" for the pride. It simply means I'm a medic. I share my title with two other cats, Landen and Osoth. They both have much more experience than me, but I know my post-war relief background will come in handy. I've treated everything from cuts and scrapes to broken bones and gunshot wounds back then; hopefully I won't have to do anything worse than that with the Catwalkers. I'm really happy with my new role! I'm not really a fighter, and I like to help others, so this is an ideal role for me. I just hope my efforts are satisfactory to Rith and Chai. I'll try my best.

Since I've been in the pride, I've also made quite a few new friends...cats like Myca, Scytale, Dui, Sarika, Tora...they're all really cool. I feel like I have a real family again.

Well, that's about it for now, I guess.

Scytale, Myca & Tober
Left to right: Scytale, Myca and Tober


Chloe Streeter said...

I'm glad to see you're back to writing your diary again! You've been slacking, kitten :)

October Hush said...

I know! I've just been too busy at work these past few's when I usually write my diary entries. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up soon...before I forget what happened!

Seraphine said...

I'm sorry to hear about Duke. That "blank" feeling is the perfect way to describe it. It's happened to me too, that big vacant place that stops breathing because nothing rushes in to fill it. Hugs.

October Hush said...

The situation with Duke was frustrating on both an in-character and an out-of-character perspective, because he really did disappear without warning, for what ended up being a couple of months. By the time he came back, Tober had moved on, of course.

But that's for a future diary entry ;-)