Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Midian City Tober's Diary #31

Tober's diary is composed in a small, hardbound book that she keeps with her.

Now that Linds and I are officially together, I have to tell Anna that things are over between us. Not that there was ever really much there, but she had much stronger feelings for me than I ever did for her. I hate to break her heart, but I know I will. I'm going to find her right now to talk to her, and I will write about my meeting with her after it happens.

Tober & Anna (Fugazi)
Tober and Anna

Ok, I don't know how to begin. I talked to Anna, but there's something horrible (the rest of the page is torn away at this point, as well as the next page.)


Seraphine said...

Hugs. Telling someone that a relationship isn't working, or that you don't love them, or that you have found someone else, or that they have changed, or that you have changed... is tragic. Everything that has a life has an end. Sometimes bouncing off another person, you go in the direction you are meant to go. You might not know that at the point of departure, but you end up someplace else. You eventually find the reason, even if it's the last thing you know.

So... an idea for the fashion show playlist comes to mind.
Poe - Angry Johnny
The line 'Jezebel from Hell' comes to mind. I love Poe. Do you have it?

Kasumi Rieko said...

Something horrible?!?! What was horrible?!?! Arrgh, where is that page?!?! Why did October tear the page out?!?!? Was it even October that tore the page out or was it someone else who found her diary?!?!

What was so horrible!?!?!?

October Hush said...


I go back and forth on whether I should further explain diary entries or just let them stand as-is. If someone were to find Tober's diary and read it, it would be exactly as it appears on this blog. Entries like this would remain a mystery, even though there's clearly much more to what happened than what was written on the page. Or, in this case, written and then removed and destroyed.

I will tell you this much: Tober tore out the pages. The "something horrible" involves Anna. Tober has no recollection of tearing out the pages or what she wrote on them, for that matter.

The mystery deepens... ;-)

Kasumi Rieko said...

Here is an out of character (I guess) about your diarys. Are these real time as to what is happening in Midian, or is it like a side story that you are doing?

I was thinking about the RPG of Midian and also wanted to know if one story continues or every time you log on a new story begins...

(does that make any sense?)

October Hush said...

What I write about here is a few months behind what is actually happening. And the stories are linear; there's no "reset" ;-)

Shadow said...

I so can guess what happened ^^

Then again I saw them when that pic was taken ^^


October Hush said...

Heehee...yes, I know you know, Shadey. I think you IM'd me as it was happening, didn't you?