Friday, March 23, 2007

Rez 'em if you got 'em, part 3

Well, the first couple of months were a time of huge growth for me in SL. I was learning more how to do things, interacting with a lot more people, and of course altering my appearance and spending money. Veruka was and important part of all that. I referred to us as "buddies"; we shared a bond that went a little further than friendship, though it wasn't quite a relationship. We still spent most of our time either clubbing or shopping and occasionally exploring, and we pretty much always did it together.

October & Veruka
(click on photo for a larger version)

When Ravenwear was looking for models, we both applied and were both accepted. That was pretty exciting. However, Veruka also had an alt, who was an exotic dancer, and she gradually spent more and more time as her alt than Veruka. Here's one of the last photos I have of Veruka and I together:

Veruka & October
(click on photo for a larger version)

Unfortunately, our paths were diverging. She wanted to spend her SL as her alt and be an exotic dancer and stay in the club scene, and I didn't want to do that. Things are fine between us and we do still occasionally check in on one another, but we definitely live separate lives now.

Then I realized I needed friends, stat. Thank god for Flickr. Flickr was where I met two of my now-closest SL friends: Kriss and Jezebella. It was just the right change of direction I needed. This more or less brings me up to the present. My next "history" post will be about the evolution of my avatar.


Alex Burgess said...

Hey October! Thanks for the Flickr contact add. Your shots are great--they really tell stories.

Most of the pics I upload wind up in Mygdala March's Flickr stream because we're using them on the blog there (, so I'm sure my account won't be nearly as interesting as yours until I figure out a way to add two separate Flickr widgets to Wordpress. In any case, I linked yr blog there too. See you inworld - Alex

October Hush said...

Thanks, Alex! That's my hope for my that they say something without needing to have an explanation underneath them. My Flickr account is very much like a photographic diary.

myg said...

funny how those friendships change here, isn't it? i've been through some similar things myself...

October Hush said...

Yeah, it was sad to "lose" my companion. I liked always having someone to have adventures with. We were a good team.