Thursday, December 20, 2007

DJing again tonight! December 20, 2007

Hey all!

Today is very special, because it's Midian City's birthday. To celebrate, we are throwing a "rave" (more like an outdoor party than a true rave) on the boardwalk between the poolhall and the Twilight Zone. The party is open to anyone, but it is an in-character event, of course. I will be playing from 5-7pm SLT tonight. You can listen to my set through the Midian City or Apocalypse main streams, or by using this url:

My set will feature dance-oriented genres, such as electro, electroclash, techno, acid, industrial, idm, etc. I'm also going to attempt to record this set for podcasting purposes.

Thanks, and I hope you'll check it out. =)


theshadow said...

I will be there after works christmas party tonight... hehe if they manage to make me drink more than I'm used to I may even be a drink kitteh... ^_-

October Hush said...

That's ok, Shadey...I'm usually drinking wine when I'm on SL and when I'm djing. I have to buy another bottle tonight because I forgot to cork my open bottle last night (oops).

Can't Imagine how that happened! *rolls eyes*

Shadow said...

Well I was not a drunk kitteh... They only offered mixed drinks at the bar and not being much of a drinker I couldn't name a mixed drink to save my life... So no drinky for me... ^_-