Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DJ Tober's Rain of Ruin from December 9, 2007

This set was for a "rave" held at the newly abandoned (or so we though) Four Horsemen Bar. It wasn't a "rave" in the traditional sense (aka: lots of techno), so I played a punk/post-punk & related set to get things started off on a rowdy note.

You can download the set here:

I um...don't have a tracklist for you at the moment, but I can post one later. If you download my set, please leave a comment to let me know, so I know if this is worthwhile for me to do or not. Thanks!


A. Burgess said...

i'm d/l-in' now.

Seraphine said...

mMmm... I'll come back when I'm at work and see if I can listen to it there. Maybe I'll take my headphones, so people will see me and think I'm busy doing something important.

October Hush said...

Thanks, Sera! I'm also djing a 2-hour set tonight of dance-oriented music (electro, electroclash, techno, idm, industrial, etc) in Midian too. I'll be making a post about that in a bit. I'm going to try to record it for podcasting purposes as well.