Thursday, June 28, 2007

Midian City Tober's Diary #11

Tober's diary is composed in a small, hardbound book that she keeps with her.

October in Midian City
Tober hanging with the ravens on the church's roof

That fucking bastard Kohji shot me yesterday! I was wandering the rooftops as usual, when I ran into him on an adjacent roof. I waved to him and called out hello, and he simply pulled out his gun and shot at me. The bullet grazed my arm and nearly knocked me off the building because I was so startled. Then he growled, turned and walked away.

There was nobody in the medical center so I had to treat my wound myself. It hurt like hell, especially when I was trying to clean it. But, I did an ok job and it should heal up. I'll have a scar, though.

After I bandaged myself up, I went out to drown my pain in alcohol. It helped. While I was walking around after drinking, I found a knife with a sheath someone discarded in an alley. I cleaned it off and stuck it in one of my boots. I figured it's about time I carried a weapon. It's not much, but it'll work.

Tonight I was out roaming around again, and I spotted him sitting by the broken bridge. I watched him from a rooftop nearby, working my anger up. I was going to sneak up on him and stick that goddamn knife right in him. But...I couldn't do it. I'm just not the fighting kind. As much as I hate him, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Eventually he left the bridge, and I just stood there on the roof and looked out at the ocean. After a while, I put my knife away and came back here to my hiding spot.

God, I feel like such a coward.

Shining a Blade
Tober shining a blade


tiana meriman said...

i knew that guy was bad news! i hope you get your revenge on him for shooting you.

vint said...

Just shoot the *****? ;) (Or cage him and bring him over to my skybox? :d)

Alex Burgess said...

I know we're reading well behind the "present" in Midian--but I hope you got some backup before trying to get the drop on that #$%@!

October Hush said...

@ Tiana: Stay tuned, and find out!

@ Vint: Tober hates guns...but you never know what will happen if she's pushed far enough.

@ Alex: You're very smart, Alex! ;-)

Ginseng Kyong said...

Nice pictures.. I had a bit of an embarrassing experience up on those roofs the other day... I was busy trying to get the right snapshot, being so proud of finding a way up there with no tricks, and one of those crows pushed me off the roof when it landed. I know I should be the one having the bird for lunch, but instead it got the better of me. Luckly I landed on my feet, and limped away into the shadows hoping no one saw me, disapeared to home to lick my wounds and pamper my pride. It is a good thing I arched my back as I fell, I think if I were fully human I probably would not have been able to even crawl away.

October Hush said...

Awww, poor Gin! You should have told the ravens you know me, they wouldn't have pushed you off the roof ;-)