Friday, May 4, 2007


If you're an avid Flickrite, you've probably already heard about this...

The above photo, entitled Red Hot, was taken by me, of Kriss Lehmann. I found out from Chloe Streeter that said photo was being used in a report by the tv station NBC4 in LA, twice. I was never asked permission to use the photo, and all of my flickr photos have a copyright on them. Several other people have wrote about this, but I'll direct you to my friend Menno's blog, where he explains the situation very well:

There was is also a lot of dicussion about this in a thread on the SL Flickr group, in case you're interested:

As of right now, the video has been pulled from NBC4's site, most likely due to complaints from several people (myself included) directed towards both the reporter and the station itself. Personally, I'd like an apology from the reporter for the whole thing, but I'm not going to hold my breath.


myg said...

Damn Hush, I know your photos are hot but that's just crap to use them without permission or even a credit!

October Hush said...

Not only that, but he was misrepresenting said photo as his own avatar. So not only did he steal my photo, he also stole Kriss' identity, essentially.

Anonymous said...

Remind that station that they violated FEDERAL COPYRIGHT LAW, and that it would be a good idea to pay you for using your pictures.

Contact the station's manager, not the reporter.