Thursday, May 24, 2007

Best laid plans

Last night I went in-world with the sole intent of getting my roleplay on in Midian City. I had plenty of time on my hands to devote to it, and I hadn't been there in about a week and so I was really looking forward to catching up. So, I tp in, and start wandering around, looking for people I know so I could rp. And wandered around. And wandered around some more. Basically, I walked everywhere in Midian several times and there was just absolutely nothing going on. What a ripoff!

But, after wasting all that time there, I got to spend some nice quality time with my honey, Chloe =) So, that was a great way to end the evening, even if it did make me stay up a bit later than I wanted to. Whoops.

That's all I had to say, nothing terribly exciting. Except Chloe ;-)

EDIT: Oh, duh! How could I forget! I also started working on a neko kitten av of myself. So basically, a little Tober =) It was kind of strange to see myself like that, to be honest. But very cute, nonetheless. It'll need more work before it's ready for primetime though.

1 comment:

Chloe Streeter said...

Having seen little Tober, I have to say that she is cute, but that's in no way surprising :)