Thursday, May 10, 2007

Computer Love

Chloe & October

A landmark event has taken place in my second life recently: I've begun a romantic relationship with another av who most of my readers already know; Chloe Streeter. Chloe and I have been friends for over two months now, originally "meeting" on Flickr through comments, and progressing from there. Shortly after commenting in her blog for the first time, we decided to meet up in-world. Because she was going through the final stages of her Master's degree, she wasn't in-world as much as I was, though I usually found time to spend with her when I wasn't with other friends or roleplaying in Midian. We soon found ourselves sending each other Flickr mail a few times a day, then switching to email for convenience. Then one day while out shopping, something in me told me to flirt with her (I hadn't flirted with her at all previously, because I was 99% sure that she was 100% straight). Well, I did, and didn't quite get the reaction I was hoping for. I think I caught her off guard, and as it turned out, later that evening in an email she told me she didn't mean to react that way, and she did, in fact, like me in a romantic way. Since we've admitted our feelings towards each other, thing have been great. I'm really looking forward to spending a lot more time with her and having little adventures and stuff.

Chloe has a very endearing personality, and is one of the sweetest people I have met in SL so far. Plus her av is quite the hottie, and that doesn't hurt either ;-) Chloe's post on her blog announcing our relationship can be found here.

In case you were wondering, this is the third romantic relationship I've had with another av. The first was Veruka (though it was a mildly romantic relationship), and the second was with Kriss. I am still on very good terms with both of them.


vint said...

I didn't kow about you and Kriss. Nice bit of information.

I'm glad to hear the two of you found eachother and I wish you all the best!

Are you going to merge the blogs now? ;)

Chloe Streeter said...

*hugs Tobie tightly*

And you just had to use that pic :p

Chloe :)

October Hush said...

Thank you, Vint. =)

Yes, Kriss and I were together as a couple for a while, though I didn't actually come out and say it in this blog because she and I broke things off right before I started this blog. There just never seemed to be a good time to write about it, or what to say.

October Hush said...

I think you look cute in the pic, hon =P

Tiana Meriman said...

congratulation to the both of you. like i said on chloe blog. you have my best wishes ^^

Katrina Mishow said...

Meep! Tobie's got a posty too! ::Giggles.:: Most of my sentiments I've posted on Chloe's post, but I'll say the same here: I'm very glad the two of you have gotten together. ^^ You two seem extremely cute together. I wish yah both the best.. Lots of romantic walks and talks.. Lots of fun nights, rampaging over catwalks and chasing mice. <.< ::Giggles.:: I wish you the best. ::Coughs, stifling the rest of her thoughts. >.> Mews. Waves.:: Ja!

Zoe Connolly said...

I already posted a congrats on Chloe's blog, but hey...why not another. I could tell something was up with you two, when you both left my party. Hehe!

I love it!